Friday, April 01, 2011


" The initial claims level declined from 394,000 for the week ending March 19 to 388,000 for the week ending March 26. The consensus expected the initial claims level to fall to 383,000. The four-week moving average inched higher (394,250 vs. 391,000) this week, but the overall long-term trend has been a slow move lower. We expect claims to continue to fall until they reach their pre-recession average of 320,000." Recovery level of claims should be below 320,000....4 wk MA is 394,000! this is 3 years into recovery?? AVG workweek unchanged at change in wages paid.......where is the PRESSURE to HIRE? of this came 2 years ago I would be ecstatic........ OIL above $107 !!!! I think we need some Wage GROWTH? 2 year SHORT TERM yields are SPIKING....flattening curve but reaction initially is all yields rising....and the market CAN force FEDS HAND.....when YIELDS RISE anyone holding notes can be bruised. Housing is not going to recover ANYTIME SOON, this IS the MAIN driver of our economy!!!!!!!!! OF COURSE SOKOL from Berskhire buying in front of company he recomended Buffet to buy is JUST A NOT expect anything to happen to him, he is one of the insiders...nothing ever happens to them.....he had NO IDEA the company would be bought, thats why he purchased 100,000 shares!!!! LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! EXPLAIN THIS TO ME, why this far into RECOVERY do we have record #'s on government assistance? WITH SO much PROOF of recovery, with inflationary pressures rising....after 3 years of ZIRP......why is the FED standing pat? DREAM I HAD SO I am out eating and I turn around and there right next to me is a FED Govenor...."YOU SUCK" I said.....he seemed startled....."YOUR policies led to the housing bubble, now you are creating commodity inflation, and your ZIRP policies and QE 1,2 3? are creating even more imbalances and reckless speculation...." Then like a wooos I started to cry....haaaaaa by I gave him all I had.... **The labor participation rate remains UNCHANGED...showing that those terminally unemployed do NOT see opportunity and have not come back looking......we still have 7.5 MILLION people LESS in work force than before the crisis......let the celebration begin.. D

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